Summer Softball 2019

League Information

Please join us at Back to the SRO for summer softball leagues! Come up and enjoy the bar and fun atmosphere, while playing ball and having fun with your friends! 

League nights offered: 

  • Monday – Co-Rec 
  • Thursday – Men’s Open 


  • All leagues nights will be $750. Full payment of league fee’s must be paid prior to the first week of league. NO EXCEPTIONS!! 
  • A forfeit fee of $25 per game forfeited will be implemented and must be paid prior to playing next game.

Duration of leagues: 

  • 12 weeks of Double Headers. Playoffs are included. 

General league info: 

  • USA Softball strike zone 
  • New stamped USA and USSSA bats allowed 
  • 52/300 balls will be used for Men  and Women’s 52/300 will be preferred ball, but depending on availability 44 cores may be used. 
  • 4 home runs per game. 
  • All home runs hit after 4 will be outs. 
  • All rulings by umpires are final. Any verbal or physical abuse of umpires will be grounds for ejection and possible termination from the league. 
  • NO outside alcohol. This is the only warning players or teams will receive. Any player of any team caught with alcohol not purchased at the bar will be ejected from the grounds on first offense. A second offense will result in termination from the league for both player and team. 

Important dates: 

  • May 6th will be the first week of league. 

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Contact Information

For ALL softball inquiries please contact:


Jason Bristlin 

Phone: 763-238-4293 (call or text) 

Email – 


Weather Updates: In-climate weather updates and any cancellations will be posted on the web site before 5PM. Please do not text or call before 5PM.


Contact Jason